JAJAH free call anywhere

JAJAH free call anywhere

More than 10 million customers can’t be wrong.

Make a JAJAH call anywhere – on your mobile or landline phone to save money and keep in touch with friends and family. JAJAH can save you up to 98% on your international phone calls. It connects you using your existing phone. No contract, no software, no headset. Easy to use, so start saving right now.

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JAJAH Direct free call

From any phone, you simply dial a unique local JAJAH.Direct number for each of your international contacts. Save these local numbers in your phone then call the world like it's local.

JAJAH Web free call

From the web, you can initiate a call with no headset, no download, no software installation required. Use any phone, start saving now!

JAJAH Mobile Web free call

From your web-enabled mobile you can point your browser to mobile.jajah.com. Keep in touch and save money on the go!

JAJAH Buttons free call

From any blog, social network or email signature, you can allow people in your online network to call you, while keeping your phone number private. Be reached anywhere online

JAJAH Calling

We work hard to bring you the best calling solutions for your needs.
JAJAH’s rates always save you money. Keep the phone you have, no need to pay for an international plan, simply JAJAH from your landline or mobile, anytime, anywhere.

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