Voip services. Free call PC to Phone

Voip services. Free call PC to Phone

PC to Phone

We offer 2 different options when using our high quality, low-rate PC to Phone service.

The first is our web-based dialler. Using the latest technology, you are able to make cheap phone calls through our web site, with no software to download. This is ideal when using a PC away from home (e.g. in Internet Cafes) and you are unable to download software to the machine you are using.

If you prefer, you can download the free software dialler. This option provides the same high quality calls as the web-based service, but removes the need to access our web site each time, so is the favoured option of customers using the service from their own PC.

When you sign up for an account, the login details we send you will work with either option and you can interchange between the 2 at any time. Your account can be used anywhere in the world, as long as the PC you are using meets our technical requirements.

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Webacall can now offer services using the latest IP devices, such as the Cisco ATA. These low cost devices connect directly to your existing internet connection and remove the need to make calls using your PC. They are ideal for call shops, internet cafes, business use or even home use. Customer can also benefit from free calls using these devices! See here for more details.

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Callback service

You can now use Webacall low rates to make calls from your mobile phone, or to connect any 2 phones worldwide, using our callback service.

There are 4 ways to initiate calls - you can use the method that is most convenient to you:
using your mobile phone by sending an SMS (text message)
using our web based trigger
using any regular landline or mobile phone

Once you buy a Webacall account, you automatically have access to our callback service using the same username and password. Click here to sign up now!

All services are particularly useful if travelling or if you want to make low-cost calls from a country when pc2phone services have been blocked.

Click here for full instructions on how to use the callback service

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Calling Card
Calling cards have just gone virtual. Webacall is now offering the ease of use a calling card can provide. Just buy your calling card and get your pin. Use it from any phone and call any number worldwide at Webacall�s low rates.

Click here for full instructions on how to use the calling card service.

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