Free* calls with Internetcalls

Not only can you call your online friends for free, Internetcalls also offers free* calls to any regular land-line in various popular destinations (see panel).

To counter misuse of our network we have limited these free* calls for our trial users. If you want to enjoy longer free* calls to these destinations, just top up your account by buying credit.

Internetcalls Freedays

Buying credit entitles you to 120 Freedays (unless stated otherwise). This means you can call all countries marked as "Free" in our rates list for a period of 120 days at no costs. When the 120 days are over, the normal rate will be charged for these destinations. You can get more Freedays by topping up your account with credit.

Get your own VoIP-In telephone number now!

With Internetcalls you can get your own regular fixed telephone phone number - for only 1 EURO. So your friends can call you on a regular fixed telephone number and you can still receive the call via Internetcalls. No matter where you are.

To get your own telephone number login to your account page and select 'Get inbound phone number' from the menu on the left to see if a telephone number is currently available for your country.

We're continuously working to increase the available telephone numbers in more and more countries worldwide so frequently visit this website or subscribe to our free newsletter to stay updated!

Sending text messages (SMS) via Internetcalls

Internetcalls free sms offers various ways to send ultra cheap text messages, from only 0 ct/message! You can use the Internetcalls software or use the SMS option in your personal pages.

And it gets even better: Sending text messages via Internetcalls is not only very cheap, you can also send messages to multiple mobile numbers AND decide when you want the messages to be sent.

For example: You can text all your friends your new years greetings without even touching your phone. Just schedule the messages to be sent at the desired moment and off you go!

Costs for the text messages are settled via your Internetcalls account. Click here for our CHEAP sms rates!
* Max 300 minutes per week of free calls, measured over the last 7 days and per unique IP address. Unused free minutes cannot be taken to the following week(s). If limit is exceeded the normal rates apply. With your FREE DAYS you can call for free to all the destinations listed as free! when you have no FREE DAYS left the normal rates apply. You can get extra Freedays by buying credit