Voip call with Nikotel 2.1

Text messages, voice and video conferencing app

Nikotel is an alternative IP free app that will allow you, besides speaking to your friends via the Internet, to send text messages to them or to even make video conferences for free. Nikotels IM functions are very similar to those of a typical messenger so there's nothing strange to get used to there.

On the one hand, you can manage your contacts, visualize if they are connected or not, to send a text message to them or call to them in a few simply clicks and this is for free. On the other hand, the program includes a typical numeric keypad that allow you to call to any telephone in the world - mobile or fixed.

Obviously, all the services are free as far as PC-to-PC calling is concerned although calling phones is not. Your account can be magaed from the keypad, cimilar to that in Skype, where you can modify your account details, change your state and conect to the Nikotel homepage.

This is a slick looking VOIP program that if it can reduce calling fees, could eventually give the big boys a run for their money.

Clean slick interface
Allows you to call, text and video conference

Call costs not much different from Skype

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