NBLADE 2.02.29

This is a full and modular system for the management of your network, from security issues to business communications.

NBLADE allows managing and defining strategies from a single console. It also offers the capacity to define and assign policies on a corporate scale.

NBLADE applies a graphic interface (web) user to simplify configuration and organization, with the upgrades via internet that that allow the system to have real time updates about security and technological improvements for your services.

The Backup and Restore options of all configurations allow for the fast and complete restoration of the system, in case of emergency.

It comes with an ISO image file that you can burn and install on your PC (see compatibility list).

Once purchased you can also download the full ISO file that can be activated with a software key depending on the unit chosen. The price is divided in two parts price e renew (annual upgrade support).

The annual upgrade support is only for the automatically system upgrade.

License: Demo $250
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