Focus VideoPhone 3.0. Free video call anywhere in the world.

Video-security system "Focus"

"Focus" is a system for free call, for multi channel video-surveillance and digital storing of video data. System is designed for video data capture and has possibility to store, replay, search and analyze desired fragments in the recorded data for the system's long term work time.

Our company performs turnkey installation of the hardware and software included into "Focus" package. System operates autonomously and doesn't need user attention.

Focus VideoPhone

"VideoPhone" is a video-communication application that can be used in LAN or Internet. You can make a free call with anybody who have

Focus VideoPhone. The application has nice user interface and full of features. Application uses effective video-codec developed by Focus Media that allows to use the program with minimal network resource occupy.

The application is freeware.

Supported platforms: Microsoft Window 95/98/NT/2000/XP.

* NEW! Minimize to system tray

* Simple, user friendly interface.

* Supports all cameras with common windows interface (including USB).

* Can be used with only one camera in one-way mode.

* Has noise reduction feature.

* Application is small (only one executable file of 800 KB size).

* Original efficient video-codec.

* Displays detailed network statistics.

* Address book.

* Freeware

Focus ReCoder

"Focus ReCoder" application designed to automate the batch process of video & audio processing. Application processes list of different source video files and rebuild them all into the same type, bitrate, resolution and codec.

From the source video file application produces following one or several files:

* video trailer for preview (first 25 seconds from original video)

* full video version with file size appropriate for downloading encoded with less compression ratio (base video)

* full video version with less file size, encoded with more compression ratio (compact video)

* video with encoding settings specified by user (custom)

Focus ReCoder application provides unlimited number of encoding schemes with different resolution, bitrate, filename prefixes/suffixes, codecs, video duration etc. Thus it's possible to produce several output video files with different parameters from single one.

The processing starts when user clicks "START" button. Application reads and remembers the list of original files in the folder. Then it continuously processes each file in its corresponding order.Processed source files are moved into another folder after procession (if specified in application settings).

Result files are created in result files folder. Result file names are generated from source ones by adding suffix. The result video file extension is ".avi" or ".mpg" regardless from its source one. Possible source file extensions are: ".avi", ".mpg" or ".mpeg".

Application uses system codecs for source video file decoding and result video encoding.
Application has logging feature. The following actions are logged:

* application start

* procession start

* procession stop (after last processed file)

* file procession start with its file name

* all file errors and failures (file access errors, incorrect file format error, file was deleted before it was processed, disk is full etc)

* warning on result file size limit exceeding

Application allows to configure following options:

* source files folder

* destination folder for original files (not mandatory)

* result files folder

* set of video file types to generate (trailer/base/compact/custom)

* suffixes for result files

* trailer video duration

* bitrate for each source file in the list

* resolution for each source file in the list

* result audio & video codec for each source file in the list

Instructions for use

Connect camera (web cam) and microphone to your computer and adjust volume level. Run Focus VideoPhone application.

In the main application window click "Connect To" . Add entries to the address book by clicking "New" button. Enter the IP address or DNS name of the person you want to talk to (or simply computer name if you're using LAN). Enter the name or nickname of the person into "Name" field. Additional information can be entered into "Info" field (not mandatory).

The person you're calling should also run Focus VideoPhone application. To connect he or she select the desired record in the address book and click "Connect". The connection will be established when user's confirmation.

Download (.zip, ~160KB)