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Save up to 98% on international calls from your computer or mobile phone.

Review of Gizmo5 free call. New version of this free voip call software.

You want to make free call from your PC or mobile phone - download Gizmo5 and make free call with your friends.

What you can do with Gizmo5

Voice Calls

Call anyone in the world for free from your computer, save big on calls from your mobile phone.
Any call to a Gizmo5 user is free. No matter when, no matter where, no matter how long. Free. There’s no monthly service charge. Nor is there a set up cost. Gizmo5 is free.
Do you ever have to pay for internet calls? No. Again, Gizmo5 is free. There is no membership fee. The download is free. Where are the strings? That’s the point, there are none.

Instant Message

Chat with friends on Gizmo5, MSN, AIM, Yahoo! and Jabber for free.

Multi-Network Chats-
Chat with AIM, MSN, Yahoo buddies (and buddies from many other networks) directly from Gizmo5

Stop using multiple clients to chat with friends, now you can add all your buddies from different networks to Gizmo5.

File Sharing

Easy sharing of photos, videos and files from your mobile phone or computer.

Gizmo Project now supports file transfers via the Jabber protocol. This means users can now exchange files with anyone using a jabber client!
Send files to friends and family by selecting Send File under the Contacts menu, or by clicking the Send File button at the top of the IM window. Browse through your folders and select the file you'd like to send. The person who you are sending the file to, will get a pop up message asking them to accept the file, once they accept, the file transfer will begin.

Video Calls

See friends and family when making calls anywhere in the world. (Desktop version only)

Gizmo5 now supports video calling. Now you can see and talk to friends and family from all over the world, anytime you want, and it's absolutely free!
You no longer have to describe your new hairdo to someone, just show them. Making a video call is easy, all you need is a webcam and you're ready to go.

Two-way Text Messaging

Send SMS messages directly from your Gizmo5 account.
Gizmo5 now supports 2-way text messaging. Send SMS messages directly from your Gizmo5 account. Your friends can reply directly to your messages and you'll receive their reply right in Gizmo5.

You can download Gizmo5 from here